If you ever reach total enlightenment while drinking beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose. – Deep Thought, Jack Handy

Collegiate Beer Pong Constitution

Article IV. End game and retaliation

Section 1

In the event that the team with the volley sinks all of their pong balls into the opposing team's cups, resulting in no cups remaining, the following guidelines should be applied:

  1. Retaliation occurs when the team with the volley has hit every cup on the opposing team's side. In this event, the opposing team is allowed an opportunity to try and sink as many pong balls as they can. Once a team member has missed, they cannot shoot any more pong balls. However, if a team member makes their shot, they may continue shooting until they miss or tie. Special rules apply (see Article IV, Section 2).
  2. In the result of a tie, one cup has to be placed back on the table, and both members of the team have the opportunity to volley. Game resumes as normal.

Sections 2-3

These 2 sections could indeed be the most important sections of The Constitution!

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