If you ever reach total enlightenment while drinking beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose. – Deep Thought, Jack Handy

About the Beer Pong Constitution

If there is any doubt in your mind that this is a NEED rather than a want, listen to me rant for a while. This is simply an AMAZING decoration. The feedback from our customers is astounding. This is a great conversational piece. It is very noticeable and has amazing shock value. People are literally awestruck when they first see this hanging up. And the fact that it is THE COLLEGIATE BEER PONG CONSTITUTION really adds to its prestige. This document covers ALL aspects of the game, from the basics to the most advanced scenarios. This is definitely needed to hold fair tournaments, and really adds to the overall legality of any match. This item is GREAT for all college aged persons from beginners, to super duper duper seniors, and finally to our respected alumni. Makes a great decoration be it in a dorm, apartment, house, fraternity, or sorority; and it makes the game official, there are no disputing these rules, no arguments can get out of hand when you have the Collegiate Beer Pong Constitution hanging on your wall!

The Founding Collegians – Who we are.

Just a couple of Political Science guys from Purdue, looking to make our mark on this world. It may not be World Peace, but by golly it's a step in the right direction.

Why we wrote it

Well, on one fine evening, during a match of Beer Pong, an argument erupted. So, in a fit of intelligence, we said to each other that we should create a Beer Pong Constitution so that fights such as this would no longer occur—lucky for us (and you!) we followed through with that drunken idea and drafted this constitution.

A universal rule for Beer Pong was definitely needed, the campus, and indeed, the nation was running rampant with different variations of the rules, it had gotten so far out of hand that fights were erupting over what versions of the rules games were being played by. Plus, it just makes sense having a couple of Political Science majors from Purdue writing a constitution, it is after all our area of expertise.

Who we wrote it for

Simple: EVERYONE, college students, alumni, or simply people that like to kick back and enjoy some Beer Pong with good friends! It is our supreme hope that eventually this article will be so widespread that there is no disputing the officiality of THE COLLEGIATE BEER PONG CONSTITUTION. There is no arguing with The Constitution, right?